Reshape Loyalty Layout

Analytical tools for loyalty system management, analytical CRM

Analytical tools for loyalty system management, analytical CRM

these are tools for increasing the controllability of the loyalty system, solving the tasks of segmenting and forming an analytical "client portrait", as well as predicting the effectiveness of various promotional mechanics.

Reshape Loyalty Layout

They starting to "fall asleep" and lose involvement in the program
Have a well-established behavioral pattern
Using to conservative channels of communication
Old clients
New clients
Active using of the program at the beginning
Often change their behavior while trying new products
Using to accessible and convenient communication channels
They begin to "fall asleep" and lose involvement in the program
Goals and objectives

Improving the efficiency of interaction with the customer base

Integration with all storages of the company and data control

Analytical customer segmentation

Predicting the potential impact of campaigns and promotions

Creation of an individual offer for each client

Increased of customer lifetime value

Optimization of marketing costs

Increased customer engagement

Increase in average check
Implementation results
The base of the solution — the Loginom tool library. The system is available for step-by-step implementation and does not require programming skills.
Concentrate on the most important things, the system will do the rest automatically
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